Happy New Year, and a Hearty Welcome!

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Happy New Year! Like so many of you, Literacy Mid-South made a New Year’s resolution. Our resolution: find new and innovative ways to spread our message throughout the community.

To that end, welcome to the new and official blog of Literacy Mid-South! We intend for this new space to help in our efforts to educate and inform the Mid-South about the valuable work that we do, the important issues our community faces, and the faces of those who are actively engaged in changing the literacy rates in Memphis.

In Shelby County alone, 14% of adults read at or below a 3rd grade level.  The reading proficiency rate is only 32% among 3rd grade students in Shelby County Schools.  Those numbers are depressing.  The good news is that there is a lot of energy around literacy and lifelong learning in the Mid-South, with organizations like Literacy Mid-South, Books from Birth, story booth at Crosstown Arts, Memphis Teacher Residency, and Seeding Success making headway for children and adults.  We also have amazing events like the Mid-South Book Festival.

In our blog we’ll be:

  • Profiling Literacy Mid-South employees, students, board members, and volunteers
  • Providing information and updates about our Mid-South Book Festival
  • Discussing important literacy issues that impact our workforce, families, and schools
  • Providing useful tips for creating a new generation of lifelong learners

We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Want to more know about our impact, volunteers, and mission? Check out our Annual Report and visit us at www.literacymidsouth.org.